Nothing in our society is more important to the future of our nation as the education of our children. The current problems plaguing the educational system in America are topics of concern for every citizen of this great country. The education system in America is failing and without great changes could self-destruct. For executive travel a reliable and dependable limos Long Island company can get you to the airport on time giving you time to relax and make phone calls on the way.

The first topic up for discussion would be the dynamic of the school day for a typical child in America. Children wake up early, go to school early and are asked to sit through six or more hours of constant instruction with a 20 minute break for lunch in between.

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Schools offering recess have a 20 minute period after lunch in which children can run freely or sit quietly in a library. When the school day is done, the students are expected to not only remember every single thing that they learned that day, but also to do even more work when they get home. Their evenings are filled with sports and homework. Little family time and even less time to relax and just be.

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As a rational adult, I can easily see the problem here. Imagine yourself in an incredibly boring board meeting that lasted over six hours. Now imagine yourself going home and having to re-do all of the work that you completed during that meeting, but in a different format. Now imagine having to return to yet another meeting the very next day and having to recite the entire meeting back to your boss and be prepared to do the same thing that same day. Could you handle it? Wouldn’t you want to quit? Is it physically possible for your brain to stay focused for that many hours? It is not, yet this is a typical school day for every child in America today and it needs to stop.

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